Strategic Engagement

Learn how to strategically engage with people most likely to care, to grow your influence and your business.

Jeff Roach

CEO and Strategic Connector at Sociallogical

I connect the desire for growth and progress with social communication strategies to help people use social media to grow their businesses and careers and to truly understand its power and utility. I think strategically and I take an educational approach to everything I do, knowing that nothing changes if people don't understand the change that is needed.

It's a Share Thing

The goal is to have your content shared. If no one shares it, no new people see it and people will only share your content if they care about it. How do you get them to care? That's how we help. It's a share thing, after all.

Success means a growing number of people sharing about your content.

In our feature course Social Engagement for Teams, we explore why team members are essential for growing a strong brand. That means you! There is a paradigm shift: days are gone where marketing is limited to marketing departments. Shift from top down advertising to social business relies on relationships. Every team member can be involved in communications and grow the community around the brand. In this course, you and your colleagues can become valuable brand supporters through three channels:

Use your personal social media account to be a positive brand ambassador

Share ideas with company marketing pros for original and third party content

Learn how to network around your brand social media account

It Pays!

According to the National Business Research Institute, just a 12% increase in employee advocacy can generate a two-fold increase in revenue growth. In the age of social, everyone's in communications. This course gives you the tools and insights to elevate you to be an empowered brand ambassador.

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Social Engagement for Teams

What every employee needs to know about social networking, social media content, curation and analytics to help grow the company.

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Understand Social Business

An engaging learning experience for business owners, leaders, and professionals who want to truly understand social media for business, finally. 2022 update coming soon.

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"In simple words, Jeff helped me to understand Social Media world and Social Business. I learned to use tools that I never heard about effectively, also I learned from him that data is important but what you do with the data is more important. Jeff's training skills are very efficient for any trainee."

Hassan Debbes
General Manager at Kilma Media

"Jeff is a teacher! Every time I have an opportunity to work with Jeff, I get introduced to new ideas, concepts and solutions that force me reflect. His ability to take you out of your comfort zone and challenge any preconceived beliefs you have towards a problem will allow you to push past your personal and professional limitations. Because of this gift, Jeff is a tremendous asset to have in your network to help make your goals a reality!"

Trevor MacAusland
Economic Development Officer at ACOA - APECA

"Jeff Roach's impressive knowledge of Social Media for Business is surpassed only by his enthusiasm for it. He is open-minded and approachable both online and off, and his constructive comments and direction were specific to me and I found them to be extremely helpful while navigating unknown territory. "

Joanne Clark
Social Media/Dental Hygienist

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